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REM: Finally introduced to the audience

REM: Finally introduced to the audience

Thirty people got into the Réseau Express métropolitain (REM) for the first time early Thursday evening.

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At the end of the competition held on the REM Facebook page, about fifteen randomly selected people were able to discover, with their guides, the foundations of the REM concept and design as well as touring it.exclusive.

Over the weekend, several opening activities, such as thematic activities and musical adventures, featuring lavender maki, are planned for Friday; Chanda and the Passengers, Saturday and the Try Squad, Sunday.

REM car rides, with free access or with REM experts, will be possible all weekend, starting Friday 11am. Departures will be from Place Extasia, at Quartier DIX30 in Brossard, on Montreal’s south shore.

For its part, Saturday will be devoted to the family while Sunday will set the theme for Sunday brunch.

Gourmet and refreshment booths, offered by Groupe Restos DIX30, will also be on site for the occasion.

REM’s offering comes three years after the business began and five years after the initial announcement of its arrival.

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