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Relay: July 1 promises to be tough

Relay: July 1 promises to be tough

Two weeks before the symbolic date of July 1, carriers and truck rentals are full. A situation that complicates the situation for Quebecers who still do not have a reservation.

On site Jean Légaré, owner Nathalie Légaré notes that all of her trucks have been booked since the end of April. There are several factors, she said, among them a marked increase in the number of movements.

Ms. Legari also stresses the fact that she has struggled to get new trucks due to delays in deliveries.

For clan Panettone, we note that engine teams have been booked since February in Montreal and since October in Quebec. None available from June 20 to July 5, although capacity has been increased to 300 engines.

“It is not uncommon these days to have people calling out crying, in distress, because they did not have an engine and did not expect to be driven out or let go of the engine,” explains Pierre-Olivier Sayre, owner of Clan Panettone.

It is a phenomenon that will grow in the coming weeks, he said.

“A lot of people took deposits on July 1st, and these are not necessarily very reliable companies,” he says.

If Mr. Cyr currently receives about twenty calls a day, he estimates that number will jump to about fifty by July 1 because some carriers won’t show up to their customers.

Finally, those who plan to store their personal belongings may run into a wall because Clan Panneton warehouses are also full.

In Montreal alone, nearly 360 families have requested emergency housing assistance since the beginning of the year, according to FRAPRU. Last week, Quebec announced an action plan to help families who are still looking for housing or who need to store their furniture.

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