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Rehabilitation of the Lafayette space, start production of the small power plant … Everything is looming in 2022 in Jerini

Then in 2021, the traditional celebration of municipal wishes was canceled, and it remains for health reasons. If this moment of meeting and sharing is appreciated by the residents and various actors of local life, it is also appreciated by the announcements made about the future of the city. Follow-up session with the Mayor, Jean-Pierre Chateau, who spoke about the works and events planned for 2022.

Lafayette area

Located in the church tower building, which already houses the Olympe de Gouges room and the Forges Royals theater, it will consist of a large theater and an auditorium. The vouchers have just been awarded to businesses and work will begin in February.

But the big news (an unexpected gift that arrived just before Christmas…) is the interest shown by the Dassault Group in the project which, on the recommendation of the Heritage Foundation, decided to participate financially in the rehabilitation of the building.

Great pride for the mayor, who sees, by this decision, a homage to the call to arms that the city has long held. Nearby, the Château de La Chaussade park will be opened to the public, making it a place to walk.

small power plant

After the structure is installed at the beginning of the month, the next start of production, equivalent to supplying a hundred homes (excluding electric heating), will see the culmination of an old project, long before there is talk of green energy which would enhance the site’s attractiveness.

Bluezo Street

This project, which has a total cost of more than 1.6 million euros (and thus spans several financial years), will enter its second phase with the laying of asphalt, and then the development of the street with the participation of cyclists, so the speed will be limited to 30 km / h.

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Various works

The electricity and lighting grids on Avenue des Gondelins will be buried and the sidewalks rebuilt. The apprentice’s house, with its three accommodations, will be completed, as will the two apartments (including one for people with special needs) at the north entrance to the Château de la Chausad. A call for projects has been submitted with a view to developing a racket court next to the existing tennis courts.

tax collection

Tax rates, which have not changed for fifteen years, will not be increased.


Monument in memory of the submariners Nivernais who disappeared at sea on board the ship Minerva Based on loredesIt will be built in the gardens of the Château de La Chaussade. Guérigny belongs to the union of godmothers of the French Navy, and a military ship is to be sponsored; As a reminder, this is ListerylThe aircraft carrier, the Charles de Gaulle.