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regiment. The Émile-Gallé space in Raon-l’Étape hosts the Urban Eco-Graphics exhibition

Three artists from Lorraine share the space of the Émile Gallé, to kick off the 2023 cultural season with “Urban Eco-Graphics”. They are Rodrigue Royer Copelli, photographer and author, Philippe Serre, painter and Bertand Bartoletti (absent in the opening), actor and visual artist.

With their unusual and funny deeds, they have aroused the curiosity of visitors who will no longer perceive the space in which we live in the same way. Dominique Gillet, municipal advisor delegated to Espace Emile Galle, presents this first cultural event of the New Year: “The three guests fit into urban spaces, through wanderlust, that inspire them like signs, posters and even other graffiti, signs and tattoos. It is their entire graphic and visual world that they present .”.

Rodrigue Rouyer-Cobelli is, in a way, the centerpiece of this exhibition, he was already present in January 2022 at the Gallé, during the Evodia waste sorting fair (a giant hourglass greeted him with visitors). He found two artists to refine his Urban Eco-Graphies, Philippe Serre the painter and Bertrand Bartoletti.

Dominique Gillet adds with humor: “After 12 months of pregnancy, the contacts were made by means of teleconsultations, the last one was back to the Christmas holidays, and today, it’s time for deliverance, so we are gathered here to celebrate the happy event of the birth of this exhibition for which I wish many visitors “.

Visits, free admission, through February 5, Thursday through Sunday from 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. School groups will be welcomed by reservation, tel. 07 86 52 48 78.

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