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Regan Tremblay's wife is causing distress this year

Regan Tremblay's wife is causing distress this year

But what happened with Denis Levesque and Régian Tremblay? We just witnessed the most awkward interview of the year.

Denis Levesque, who was TVA's undisputed president, was sitting across from Regan Tremblay and his partner Julie Bertrand. (Remotely because the couple is in Florida).

Today's topic: Snowbird life in Florida. But from the first conversations, it was clear that this interview had nothing in common, other than obvious embarrassment. Upload the video to minute 24:00.

Tremblay's wife, Julie Bertrand, who seemed visibly upset at the idea that Dennis could see her as a typical Florida retiree, chose to dress in a “youthful way,” with a pronounced neckline.

When Denis Levesque asked her what she was doing in Florida, she suddenly replied: “I am practicing”leaving an eerie silence hanging over the room.

For his part, Reagan Tremblay spoke about the number of television channels available in the United States.

“The advantage here is that we have 3,000 TV channels.”initiate.

Levesque, accustomed to giving poignant and coherent interviews, appears confused. He tried to restart the conversation, but every question seemed to be a failure, amplifying the already uneasy atmosphere.

Next, the couple says they prefer Florida to Quebec because there, they are not judged for having a lot of money while in Quebec, people are not comfortable seeing other people's wealth.

“Here I am, I can drive my beautiful Audi convertible without being judged.” says Julie Tremblay.

“In Quebec, if employees saw their boss arriving in a Ferrari, they would say they were cursed. It's very sad.” Add there Reagan's wife.

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Throughout the interview, Regan-Tremblay and his wife spat on Quebec, on the health system, and on the Quebec complex facing the rich. Everything goes there.

Regan Tremblay's wife even went so far as to call Quebecers “colonists.”

It is difficult to say what prompted Regan Tremblay to accept this interview, as he was clearly presented as the worst example of the typical “snowbird.”

Her partner was clearly offended by the idea that she could be considered a simple retiree in Florida. But despite her efforts to look young and energetic, this conversation only highlighted the absurdity of the situation.

It felt like a conversation between people from the past, a remnant of a bygone era when the big names in journalism could capture the public's attention.

But there was nothing captivating about this interview. We looked down, hoping it would end soon, relieved that it wasn't direct.

How did Reagan Tremblay get there? How did Denis Levesque get there? As for my dear Julie Bertrand, we did not know her.

But suppose it is the opposite of beloved. If you're poor, she doesn't want to talk to you. If you love Quebec, they will despise you.

We are speechless…