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Refugees in the UK and Hong Kong activists continue their struggle

Refugees in the UK and Hong Kong activists continue their struggle

They have already met in central London on June 12, opposite Hyde Park, on June 23 before 10 Downing Street and then on June 27 at the Piccadilly Circus. ToApple Daily (Hong Kong forced to close daily), They still had a meeting on the 1stThere is July under the windows of the Chinese Embassy. Despite being deported, Hong Kong activists have not given up the fight for democracy and the United Kingdom – the former colonial power until 1997 – is gradually becoming their backbone.

The article is reserved for our subscribers Read this too The United Kingdom, the country of exile for the people of Hong Kong: “Rather young, with children, graduates. Their primary destination is London. ”

Nathan Lao, Finn Lao, Hanks Laws or Simon Cheng: These figures from the 2019 opposition movement against the Hong Kong government’s extradition bill make many attempts to internationalize their cause as much as possible. Finn Lau uses wrestling to his advantage: This trained surveyor was in London in June 2019 for professional reasons.

“At that point, I joined a demonstration in support of Hong Kong. There were actually 2,000 people. I thought we could bring that power together.” To coordinate campaigns or organize events remotely, H.K. It creates two platforms under the name that is supposed to stand for Liberty and Hong Kong. Often, with slogans in English, not Cantonese, “To internationalize our cause”.

Call for sanctions

In late 2019, Finn returned to Hong Kong, was arrested in early 2020, but was soon released – police took him away for a simple protest. He rushes to take a flight to London, but does not return this time. He then left the company where he worked. ” To [se] Dedicate to action “. He says from the British government “Personal sanctions against Chinese personalities” And the boycott of the 2022 Olympic Winter Games in Beijing: “ Western nations should refuse to send their national teams, which does not prevent athletes from participating on an individual basis if they wish. “

“We encourage our comrades to unite as much as possible. To participate in local elections, we must listen to our voice,” said Simon Cheng.

Under a Hong Kong arrest warrant, Simon Cheng co-founded Hong Kong in the UK. A caring association “Creating a society with the values ​​of the rule of law and democracy in the United Kingdom. We encourage our comrades to coordinate as much as possible and participate in local elections, and we must listen to our voice. ” He warns of extradition agreements between China and the rest of the world “On the Communist Party of China’s Campaign in the UK”. Hanks Laws, a 19-year-old refugee who is very active on social media, but is too far away from London to take part in the protests, says “Further sanctions against Chinese leaders”.

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