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Redemption of the Hero Quebec Magazine

Redemption of the Hero Quebec Magazine

Ten years after its initial release, legend of zelda sword skyward Presents the same day a remastered Intended for Nintendo Switch. A perfect opportunity to revisit this unjustly unloved chapter of Link’s adventures with all its qualities…but also some sadly stubborn flaws.

There have been a few games as polarizing as legend of zelda sword skyward Since its launch in 2011. The drastic change in tone and mechanics of use as well as an amazing linear plot are just a few of the features that some appreciate, and others don’t.

Since the dust from this discussion now appears to have settled for a while, remastered Today I risked receiving it more warmly. Fans of the original will flock to him, while those with less fond memories of him can either skip their turn or revisit it, this time knowingly.

Since it’s an almost exact replica that Nintendo brings to us, it’s simply more vibrant and refined in its visual presentation. So it’s not a complete overhaul as Capcom did, for example, in the early chapters of the saga. vampire. Simple but important difference.

Which, from a certain point of view, is much better. We especially love the retro, and even nostalgic, aspect of the graphics and the sharp aesthetic nonetheless Breath of the wildThe latest console deals.

For better or worse

Thus, what worked then works even more today. We just have to think of some particularly innovative temples and dungeons, the clearly gripping machinations and this wonderful world floating in the sky, behind the clouds. Moreover, this time everyone is less gossip than it was at the beginning, as some dialogues and tutorials have been (fortunately) shortened or even cut off.

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But this also means that some of the shortcomings of that time are still present. This is especially true of the mechanisms of use, the Achilles heel Sword toward the sky. Of course, it has been fine-tuned. All the same, they remain wobbly and often rough.

We admit we had a hard time using the Joy-Cons’ motion sensors to handle swords and other catapults, and the gyroscopes have to be constantly re-calibrated. Fortunately, a workaround is now available, allowing players to use support for Joy-Cons or more classic consoles.

  • The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword (4/5)

Now available on Nintendo Switch