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Reddit engineer justifies buying the new MacBook Pro

Reddit engineer justifies buying the new MacBook Pro

Reddit engineer only To give details How the new MacBook Pro will save valuable time for its developer teams, and thus compensate very quickly. As seen in our testHowever, many of the actions are already significantly faster on the latest Apple devices. According to Jameson Williams’ calculations, computers will cost $31,000 for a team of 9 but will pay for themselves in 3 months.

It is estimated that an Android developer working on Reddit spends about 45 minutes a day waiting for a file Builds Assembly ends on a MacBook Pro with an Intel i9 processor. This time is reduced to 22 minutes by swiping the MacBook Pro M1 Max. According to his calculations, we’re also going from about 15m and 30m waiting to assemble an iOS app to less than 7 minutes on Apple’s most powerful Silicon chip. In short, based on the average salary of a qualified software engineer ($150 an hour), the benefits emerge very quickly.

engineering departments [pensent parfois] They “save” $1,000 per computer while dozens of engineers sit idle watching progress bars. Developer time is always more expensive than hardware.

He concludes by stating that if we extrapolate from these results, ” A targeted hardware upgrade can save between $500 million and $1 billion in productivity annually Reddit isn’t the only company investing in the new MacBook Pro: Many other groups Like Uber, Twitter quickly fell into disuse.

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