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Red Panthers face Australia in a clash: 'The game we were most looking forward to'

Red Panthers face Australia in a clash: ‘The game we were most looking forward to’

Group D tips off its match on Tuesday evening at the top. Belgium face Australia as they look to top the group.

“This is the game we’ve been waiting for.”That sums up young Alexia de Serstevens, who wants to play more than what was shown against South Africa. “We want to face this talented opponent to show our progress. We are eager to show that the Red Panthers are capable of beating Australia.”

The Red Panthers 2022 focuses their game on automation, power, verticality and fun. “We’ve built our automation without robots.”

Australia will be surprised by Belgium’s new face. “We saw their game against Japan on Saturday. They haven’t changed. They are powerful, fast and physical.Picks up players from Rasante, OrĂ©e, White Star and Watducks. Australians don’t come to the terrace for tourism. They are ready. They will be surprised by the face of the Panthers 2022 as you say”The attacker, who is a veritable ball of energy on the ground, smiles.

Alexia ‘t Serstevens did not restart during Euro 2019. He missed 2021 with a torn cruciate ligament in his knee. At Terrazza, he played his first major tournament. “My life has always revolved around hockey and it played a very active role in my life. After school, I wanted to practice. Combining it with studying business economics at Solvay, hockey helps me organize myself better. It’s still possible”Born into a family of hockey players, the striker concludes.