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Recommendation of approved conciliator in MDA Espace

Recommendation of approved conciliator in MDA Espace

It took five weeks of strike action to convince MDA Espace to agree to a satisfactory settlement for the 160 workers affiliated with CSN. In the plenary session this morning, members approved the conciliator’s recommendation by 68%. Their determination allows them to receive a 20% salary increase over five years.

This settlement brings an end to the first indefinite general strike in the company's history in Quebec. This occurred in a context in which the company enjoyed a very positive economic situation.

“We had to fight tirelessly for MDA Espace to put what was needed on the table to get a good settlement. It is the determination of the workers that made the difference, and we can go back to work with our heads held high,” says Michel Mercier, president of the MDA Espace-CSN trade union. To make big gains.

“Nothing explains why MDA Espace is reluctant to improve its settlement offer. The company’s exceptional growth has given it the leeway to value the work of its employees. This regulation allows workers to significantly improve their working conditions and salaries,” adds Kevin Gagnon, president of the Confederation of Manufacturing Industries (FIM-CSN). “.

“The MDA Espace workers gave us an amazing show of solidarity and struggle. They held out until the end to obtain a good collective agreement,” continues Dominique Daigneault, President of the Central Council of Metropolitan Montreal (CCMM – CSN).

“The strike will allow MDA Espace workers to get their fair share of the company's rapid growth. They did not hesitate to use their balance of power and won their case.”any Vice President of CSN.

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Founded in 1921, the CSN was the first major union center in Quebec. It consists of more than 1,600 unions, defending approximately 330,000 workers united in eight federations as well as thirteen regional central councils, mainly in Quebec. CSN is a trade union organization working for a united, democratic, just, equitable and sustainable society. In this capacity, she participates in many discussions of interest to Quebec society.