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Rebuilding the iPad: A modern space open to the city is emerging

Rebuilding the iPad: A modern space open to the city is emerging

Maintaining the Trébéen Ehpad: a real challenge. From now on, employees can present themselves towards the extraordinary opportunity of reconstruction.

He was welcomed by Henry Barrier, Deputy Director of the Hospital, in the presence of several officials including Simon Chassard, County Secretary, Representative Mireille Robert, Gisele Jorda, Senator, Eric Manasse, Mayor and Severin Roger Mattelli, Delegate for the Independence of Seniors and Persons with Disabilities, Inside Ehpad Madeleine des Garets, Pierre Ricordio, General Manager of ARS, discovered the drawings proposed by the architect responsible for the project.

Built in the city

The new facility will be built on an area of ​​about 13,000 square meters called Millennium Forest, to the north of the city and 600 meters from the city center, accessible by public transportation.

The project, which benefits from investment assistance from CNSA as part of the Ségur de la santé investment plan, is committed to several areas that promote the inclusion of nursing homes in the city. A building that respects the environment, is geared towards low consumption and has the latest building standards. Particular emphasis will be placed on outdoor spaces with the development of a protected wooded park of 5,000 square metres, equipped with places for recreation and picnics. A secure central fountain in the garden will create a soothing space suitable for residents suffering from degenerative diseases.

The interiors are designed to be warm and welcoming around 4 living units of 20 single or connected rooms.

80 seats

An intergenerational garden project, with the support of the municipality, will open at the end of the nursing home and will allow exchanges between residents, children and their families.

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Ehpad wants to be open to the city, by creating 10 places for isolated seniors who, during meal time or afternoon leisure, will be able to participate in the facility’s social life and break their lives. Loneliness. This reconstruction project is being supported by the ARS as part of the Investment Assistance Scheme.

The nursing home Madeleine des Garets benefits from the allocation of €2.50 million and will offer a new reception capacity of 80 places, compared to the current 50.