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Reasons Why Girls Should Participate in Sports

There is no doubt that women and girls are engaging in boys’ activities in this millennial age. Based on societal conformation, boys and girls had always assumed a certain role without any party trying out apart from the other. Several sectors, including health, sports, education, politics, and many others, have a balanced gender equation. In the next decade, we can hope for an equilibrium ratio of boys and girls in the workforces.

Online activities, including blog posts and websites like, provide information on women’s positive impact to curb the negative image existing for a long time.

Report of Sports Impact on Girls’ Performance

Since girls started participating in sports, it has caused an evident impact, and some of them are below;

1. Provides Socio-Cultural Learning Experience

Boys have been learning from peers, which provides vital education beyond the classroom. High school girls related better with the opposite sex since they started sports activities. The report shows that many girls have high self-esteem and confidence levels. This positively influences girls’ psychological reasoning and body image. Despite the wrong perspective of body image presented by social media, extra girls can begin to celebrate their body image while playing confidently on the field.

2. Cultivates Loyalty Behavior Among Participants

Almost every sports activity has teams and opponents playing against one another. A team never wins by the effort of a single individual. It is instead a collective effort from the whole team. If anything goes wrong with an individual, it could fall back on others. Hence, loyalty and trust play key roles here.

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3. Build Role Models that Can Compete Under Pressure

Sports results are never guaranteed, and you may lose when you never expected it. Hence, do not attach a sports outcome to your worth as a player. Although this does not invalidate continuous self-improvement, it should not lead to low self-esteem or self-blame. More so, the ability to work under pressure is one quality many people possess. There are impromptu sports that will require short practice. 

You all need to develop a strategy towards the end of the game to win. Meanwhile, it is a must-have characteristic of every leader: the ability to provide a solution to both familiar and unexpected situations. Sports is mostly about hard work and skills, then maintaining the work ethic. Hence, most sport role models have by yielding to coaches and top winners who have gone ahead.


Apart from the launch of many women sports foundations, the number of interested players have relatively increased. More so, governments are enforcing equal participation of boys and girls in sports activities. Although this is a good cause, the practice intensity is not the same for both sexes with the margin in strength level. Hence, it has drawn the attention of human rights to deliberate the best solution. Girls keep participating, but most sports now have the female teams separated from the males.

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