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"Real Nature": 37 guests, new chalet and trailer

“Real Nature”: 37 guests, new chalet and trailer

Host and producer Jean-Philippe Dion is eager to share his encounters with 37 characters for the fourth season of his show. true nature, distribution will begin after the first set of star Academy, Sunday, January 16, in TVA.

Jean-Philippe invited all these lovely people to his new chalet in Sutton, in the eastern suburbs. The barn where most of the touching secrets were snatched from the guests has been replaced by a workshop. In this new charming place, there is also a vast forest area and a river – we needed one! – In addition to the “scenic cabin” where a piano and wood stove are installed, we detailed on Tuesday, in a press release, the trailer for the new season.

Image Courtesy/Bertrand Exeter

Image Courtesy/Bertrand Exeter

We see funny, touching, and authentic moments, which are definitely the strength of this show.

Image Courtesy/Bertrand Exeter

At the premiere on January 16, Karen Vanas, Simone Poliris and Monique Jerome-Forget arrive at the chalet with their luggage of different experiences.

The other guests for this season, which held 12 meet-ups on Sunday, are Patrice Bellanger, Brigitte Puigoli, Sam Britton, Sophie Cadio, Sylvain Cosset, 2 Frere, Elisabee, Chantal Fontaine, Ron Fournier, David Goudreau, Gillan Guay, Regis Labium, Jean- Charles Lagoy, Madou Lamotte, Guillaume Latendris, Margot, Marilou, Patrick Norman, Laurent Paquin, Remy-Pierre Paquin, Andre Ropitel, Jonathan Roy, Francine Ruel, Kim Rusk, Luke Sinai, Natalie Simard, Danny Saint-Pierre, Shirley Terroux, Saskia Thot and Danny Turcotte, Rosalie Vilancourt, Lise Waters and Jean-Philippe Vauthier.

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Note that the theme song for this season is called I trust you, which is a composition by Rosalie Ayotte who participated in the latest edition of star Academy. The piece, produced and organized by Alex McMahon, will be available January 7 on listening platforms.

Image Courtesy/Bertrand Exeter

true nature Produced by Productions Déferlantes, in collaboration with Quebecor Content, the series is directed by Chloe Mercier and Marie-José Levesque.