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Rare birthday photos of their daughter Lilibet

Rare birthday photos of their daughter Lilibet

A new party is preparing in the Montecito side! On Sunday, June 4, little Lilibet from Sussex, daughter of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, celebrated her second birthday. A very reserved little girl, few photos of her have been revealed, but she seems to look more and more like her famous dad…

Unique little princess! Three protégées for media by their parents, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, Lilibet of Sussex, who is her friend in this dimanche, a day after she decided to start in the immense manoir of Montecito, in Californie, or she is still here his birth. With his parents, of course, older brother Archie (4), possibly his grandmother Doria Ragland and some close friends.

The opportunity, undoubtedly, to unveil a new photo of the little girl: last year, a friend of her parents, photographer Mason Harriman (who wished Archie’s birthday with a controversial shot!), had revealed the only photo we have of her. Sitting on the grass, the little red-haired girl is particularly like her brother and their famous father. But in a year’s time, she must have changed a lot, and we can’t wait to find out.

Since that first photo, she hasn’t officially appeared again. However, we’re still able to watch it, thanks to the Netflix documentary his parents gave him. It was filmed in the privacy of their home, and we could privately see the photos or short videos of the little girl. And in particular, an adorable video from exactly one year ago: during the little party that was organized for her first birthday, her brother climbed onto the table to make sure the candles were blown out with her!

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