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Raphael Harvey Benard’s parents keep their feet on the ground

Raphael Harvey Benard’s parents keep their feet on the ground

A young Jonquière has become one of the best stories of the season for the Montreal Canadiens. Rafael Harvey Benard withdraws from the match, and his performance causes a lot of reactions.

RHB scored twice on Tuesday night and has five goals in seven matches since being called up. His two goals in the third period tied the game each time, but the Lockdowns lost 5-4 to the Ottawa Senators at the Peel Center.

“We cried and wept with joy… We are so happy for him,” Marc Benard told TVA Nouvelles, Wednesday morning at his home in Jonquière.

“We get so many messages, by text and messaging, during matches, that it was yesterday [mardi]We can’t even listen to TV anymore, said the young man’s father. People are happy for Raphael.

The Canadiens will not play their next game until February 11th. It will allow the entire Harvey-Pinard family to recover from their emotions.

Johan Harvey laughed: “I’m so happy to be on a break. This morning I was like ‘Well, we don’t have a game tonight!’ I find it so stressful!”

Theoretically, the team could have brought Harvey-Pinard back to Laval during this break. She chose to keep him, which also doesn’t mean her position at the big club is secure.

“There, at the moment, things are going well,” Rafael’s mother noted. But in hockey, nothing is ever taken for granted and we know that Rafael will have to work throughout his career.

“We expected him to be demoted after the game against Ottawa,” Mark Benard resumed. “We even talked to him about it, to ask him how he saw it. He replied that if he had to go back to Laval, he would do what had to be done…”

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The mother added, “This is the most beautiful thing I find in my son. Every time Rafael faces an obstacle, he works twice as hard, and not just at hockey. It was like that at school.”

Rafaël is occasionally a topic of conversation among customers of Davis’ pizzeria, which belongs to his father and brother, but there is no question of using the hockey player’s reputation to promote the restaurant.

Johan Harvey explained, “We’re not the ones on the ice. It belongs to him and I don’t think it would be fair to use his name for the restaurant.”

Meanwhile, Harvey Benard is living the dream that he actually cherished when he was very young.

“When he was four or five years old, he told his grandmother he was going to miss me the day he played for the Canadian…,” Johan Harvey revealed.

“He plays for the Canadiens…but he never seems bored!” Mark Benard concluded.