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Raiden IV x Mikado Remix s'envole début 2023

Raiden IV x Mikado Remix Rising in Early 2023

Last night, NIS America had some good news for fans of shooting its NISA 2022 show. It announced the release date and details about Raiden IV x Mikado Remix, an improved modified version of vertical shmup from 2007. Now compatible with modern consoles, the game is coming to Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S, PS4, PS5 and PC via Steam on January 31, 2023 in North America and in the first half of February in Europe and Australia/New Zealand. The game was previously released for the Nintendo Switch in May 2021.

Check out the trailer below.

Raiden IV x Mikado Remix Relives the scrolling shooter from the Xbox 360/PS3 era Raiden IV. part of Galilee Rider The series, which debuted in arcades, first as a 2D pixel-based game and now as a 3D title. As with shmups from that era, players pilot a fighter plane through clouds of enemies, with the goal of defeating the malevolent crystals as they invade Earth. Raiden IV It has a “Flash Shot” mechanism, which increases the player’s score when he defeats the enemies that appear on the screen. The ‘Double Play’ feature allows the player to control both the first and second player ships with a single controller. The game supports two-player local co-op game.

hand playing, Raiden IV x Mikado Remix Adds new modes, including light and original difficulty settings, additional mode with remixing enemy positions, Score Attack, Boss Rush, and Overkill Mode, which includes two new stages and a revamped score.

there ” Mikado Remix Part of the title refers to a partnership with Mikado Game Center, an organization for the Japanese arcade and shmup subculture. Mikado Game Center branches in Takadanobaba and Ikebukuro specialize in vintage titles and shmops, and hold regular community events. The Director of Game Center Mikado Minoru “IkedaMinoRock” Ikeda plays in the official game Rider Raiden Heavy Metal Series Collection. as such, Raiden IV x Mikado Remix Features soundtrack from Mikado Game Center. The remixed soundtrack includes tracks from artists such as Go Sato Band, OTK, Keishi Yonao, Fantom Iris, Daisuke Matusmoto, Hirokazu Koshio, and Soshi Hosoi, as well as Heavy Metal Raiden itself. Players can choose the remixed music or the original soundtrack as they like.

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Raiden IV x Mikado Remix Launching on Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S, PS4, PS5 and PC. It reaches January 31, 2023 in North America, February 3, 2023 in Europe, and February 10, 2023 in Australia and New Zealand. It’s currently available on the Nintendo Switch. The physical and premium versions of the consoles include soundtracks and posters.