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Rafaël Harvey-Pinard has ‘become a huge part of our team’, says Nick Suzuki

Montreal | Nick Suzuki scored a goal and collected three assists to experience the joys of a four-point game in the NHL for the first time. But after an 8-2 victory over the Columbus Blue Jackets, the captain talked more about his left winger than himself.

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“HP (Harvey-Pinard) had a great game. It’s a big surprise for us and a lot of the fans. I’m really proud of him. He’s become a huge part of our team.”

Nick Suzuki

At a press conference, Martin St. Louis also devoted a large portion of his answers to the topic of the game’s top star, Rafael Harvey Benard. The head coach described what he does well on the ice rink by detailing his game.

“His work ethic is above average. I also like his level of competition. He’s very committed on both sides of the ice. It’s rare that he doesn’t do his job defensively. He reads the game very well, not only where the puck is going, but also where the opponent is and where his teammates are on the field.” the team. ”

– Martin St. Louis

Brendan Gallagher scored the fifth goal for his team, taking advantage of a wonderful pass from Jake Evans in the second half. It was only his fifth goal of the season. But he only played 28 matches.

“I was just happy after that goal, three shots were blocked during that time. It was a good night. As a line, we often had the puck. It felt good on the ice.”

– Brendan Gallagher