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Rafael Braidy breaks a skyscraper record in Sao Paulo

(Sao Paulo) Brazilian Rafael Braidy, specializing in A fine lineHe walked a distance of 510 meters on Wednesday on a belt stretched between two tall buildings in Sao Paulo, breaking an urban distance record for the Americas.

Agence France-Presse pointed out that the 35-year-old barefoot pedestrian covered this distance in 25 minutes at an altitude of 114 meters above sea level, above the Vale de Anhangapo area located in the heart of the metropolis.

Rafael Priddy was due to try to repeat his feat in the afternoon.

“I don’t even remember what I was thinking, I was so focused, especially on my breathing, this force that comes from the belly,” Priddy told AFP as soon as he reached the roof of the second building.

He also made sure to “maintain a relaxed posture so that it is a crossing of pleasure and not too much effort.”

Briddy, a high-altitude traversal specialist and Guinness World Record holder, had a small fall about halfway through the crossing, but recovered by sitting on the tightenbefore waking up a few seconds later.

This performance was made on the occasion of 469H Anniversary of the creation of São Paulo, an enormous urban jungle of more than 12 million inhabitants in southeastern Brazil.

“I feel very proud today” and “well received” by Paulista, he continued, “It is not just a crossing, but a record in memory of São Paulo”.

“Sao Paulo is very different from what you can imagine in Brazil or in the world,” he said, referring to “such a focus of people.” “I looked down, saw people in the buildings, and waved to them.”

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“After all, men made all these buildings, so why not use them some other way?” he asked.

The Brazilian native Florianópolis (southern Brazil) is more familiar with outdoor performances.

In 2021, Brady made a spectacular crossing between two hot air regions at an altitude of 1,901 meters in Brazil, setting a record.

In 2020, it developed over a still active volcano in Vanuatu, the first of its kind in the world.

my mail is practicing A fine line Since 10 years. Every morning you wake up and think about A fine lineAnd at night you go to bed thinking about him A fine line He says.

“I have a well-structured routine,” he explains, “I get up really early, do stretches and meditate.”

practice a tighten Three times a week, while running, surfing, cycling, climbing and rowing to “always keep that body active.”