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Radio Canada unveils its vision for 2021-2022

These five artists were selected by a panel of musicians who have emerged in the categories of song, rap (new since last year), world music, classical music and jazz.

It is a great honor for the public broadcaster to support them at the beginning of their careersCaroline Gammett, Executive Director of Radio, Sound and Greater Montreal, said in a press release.

Radio Canada explains its desire to present the Apocalypse Professional offer [qui] It would allow these artists to forge a path toward increasing fame.

Since 2008, the initiative has supported more than 60 artists early in their careers, including Dominic Fels AmyPirate heart, Emile BelluduLisa LeBlanc Hubert Lenoir And the eulogy.

Revelations 2021-2022 will also be interviewed on display Penelope, ICI Première Day, Thursday at 10 a.m.

The broadcaster will also showcase these artists on various ICI Première and ICI Musique programs as well as on social networks during the week of May 24.

Ariane Roy, revelation in the song

Ariane Roy

Photo: Radio Canada

Arian Roy, winner of the pop category, has emerged in recent years thanks to her participation in several music competitions in Quebec. She won two prizes at the International Festival de la Chanson de Granby and reached the Francouvertes 2020 Final.

Radio-Canada describes its music as strong alternative pop music in the mix. The young woman in her twenties released from the busy music scene in Quebec City her first song, Adele, In 2019. Since then she released the exact album: Avalanche (NF).

Calamine, a revelation in rap

We can say that the Queer, feminist and anti-capitalist rapper Calamine has the wind in its sails. Just a few days ago, she won second place in the 2021 Francouvertes Championship.

Originally from Quebec, she has devoted herself exclusively to music since 2017 and her art aims to be puritanical. Now founded in the Hochelaga district of Montreal, she released her first full album in November, Proof of Bullitt.

Joyce Forget Us, Revelation in Mixed Music

Radio Canada 2021-2022 World Music Revelation performs, eyes shut.

Joyce forgot us

Photo: Radio Canada

Afrobluehop is the term Joyce Nana uses to describe her music with Afro-pop, blues, and hip-hop influences. She also performs reggae music. In 2016 Québécoise of Congolese ancestry released its first monolithic micro album, which was warmly received, particularly by Canadian universities and community radio stations.

Common people in Quebec were able to meet this little woman with a great voice while she was appearing on the hugely popular show. Voice In 2017. This year, Joyce N’sana will release a new album, titled Opuso.

Mary Nadu Tremblay, Revelation in Classical Music

Violinist in Performance.

Mary Nadu Tremblay

Photo: Radio Canada

Violinist Mary Nadu Tremblay fell in love with baroque music during her performing studies at McGill University, so much so that she later earned a master’s degree in early music. His talent has been recognized through numerous McGill awards and scholarships.

It was noticed in 2019 at the International Baroque Festival of Music in Lamek, New Brunswick, where it won four awards. Album Fish, From the trio, Les Barocudas, it is one of CBC’s top 20 classic albums of 2020, and was nominated for the 2021 Juno Awards.

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Julian Fillion, A Vision in Jazz

The artist plays the saxophone on a dimly lit stage.

Julian Fillion

Photo: Radio Canada

Saxophone player and improviser Julian Fillion leads a quadruple group distinguished by its unusual composition. It consists of two drums (bourgeois and Thomas Sauvee LaFrancé) and two saxophone players (Philippe Brochette Pelletier and Julian Fillion), the latter also dealing with other instruments occasionally.

The only one-year-old band has performed on events including the Juarez Jazz Festival in Mexico and the Victo Jazz Festival in JPL. If the pandemic cuts its wings by forcing him to cancel several concerts, the band is preparing for an album that will be released next fall.

The 14th Kofi artists for Radio Canada succeed Clay & Friends, Raccoon City, Matteo and Isabella Deloise Perron and Carl Mayotte, who received the honor last year.