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Quodient offers DHL parcel smart pick-up lockers in the UK

Quodient offers DHL parcel smart pick-up lockers in the UK

Photo credit © Quotient

( – DHL has announced a new partnership with Parcel UK Quotient To provide smart parcel pick-up locations across the UK. Contactless and secure lockers give recipients more choice and flexibility to collect their packages when and where convenient.

Deployment of 500 parcel lockers across the UK is underway by the end of 2022, with plans to reach 5,000 operational units in the coming years. Most of the facilities are outside and accessible 24 hours a day. When recipients receive notification that their parcel is within the DHL network, they will have the option to select a drop-off via the DHL Parcel UK app or website. Even if the package has already been delivered, recipients can redirect the delivery to a connected locker or DHL ServicePoint collection point, giving them maximum control and flexibility.

Upon delivery of the parcel, the recipient receives a one-time-use PIN code and a QR code, one or the other a confirmation that allows access to the corresponding locker.

In addition to providing consumers with a convenient delivery service, smart lockers allow DHL to further coordinate deliveries and reduce the distance traveled and carbon emissions.


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