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Quévert: Solidarité Afrique wants to give more space to schoolchildren in Kenzo – Quévert

Solidarité Afrique gathered in the General Assembly on Tuesday evening in the village hall. In front of about forty of the 120 members of the Assembly, President Jacques Roux Dayron presented his moral report, enriched by his recent trip (from January 26 to February 4) to Cameroon, to the Kintzou School.

Jacques-Roy Daron and Treasurer Chantal Bergault are confident they can make more progress

Need two new buildings

Solidarité Afrique has been helping this school since 2007, increasing the number of primary classes from six to twelve, and the number of pupils from 250 to 952, not counting the 50 children in kindergarten. School enrollment of children has increased in a few years, from 25 to 75%. Each class receives between 80 and 90 students. The goal, endorsed by local educators, is to increase the cap to 70, which would require building two classroom buildings each.

With the support of the Sisters of the Presentation of Broons, installed on site, and the Bishop of Batori, Monseigneur Marcellin Marie, the first phase can be implemented as early as 2023, construction estimate of €24,000.

Donations and events

With the support of members and supporters, some of whom gave donations, last year the association organized a couscous (125 guests and a drawing of 250 dishes), a theater session (450 spectators in the Jacobin Theatre), and a concert by Merdin, to carry out his plans. In 2023, at least one couscous operation and one theatrical performance are planned. “These demonstrations are vital to our work,” asserts Honorary President, Theo Martel.