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Queensland Cup - Baptiste Fabre: "In Australia, the game is so fast, the intensity is really high" - Rugby à XIII

Queensland Cup – Baptiste Fabre: “In Australia, the game is so fast, the intensity is really high” – Rugby à XIII

We caught up with Brisbane Tigers half Baptiste Fabre, who tells us about his life in Australia, the pace of training or the differences with XIII in France.

Baptiste, how were your first weeks in Australia?

My first weeks in Australia were great. I landed in an unusual family, that of Cameron Darby, who I played in Albie last year. My first training sessions with players like Jonah Bessett, State of Origin U19’s best player, or Jayden Nikorima, who is in the Melbourne team, have been interesting! Bernard Gregorius, Wesley Lolo, Tony Bello and Darren Nicol (who played in Toulouse) integrated me well into the group.

You re-signed with the Brisbane Tigers, why?

I re-signed for Brisbane Tigers because Cameron’s father, who is the president of the club, believed in me to achieve a full season in this championship. Also thanks to Laurent Garnier for bringing me to this club and I want to continue this momentum at this club.

How is daily life there?

Everyday life changes compared to France. You wake up very early to go to work, finish work early, have time to yourself, go for a few walks, then go to bed early after training for the day.

What does a typical day look like? How many days a week do you train?

So I’m not in pre-season right now. Redemption date is approaching in a few weeks and can’t wait to take on this challenge! My days are busy. A typical day: wake up at 4am, go to work at 5pm, finish at 3pm, leave for training at 5pm and do 2 hours of weight training 3 times a week.

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What are the biggest differences in training compared to what you did in France?

The differences are listening, desire, repetition, errors, intensity, play, everything changes in a big way. From my first game with the Colts (under-21s), the difference is huge, the game goes a lot faster, the intensity is really high.

Do you think coming to Australia at a young age can change a young Frenchman’s future?

Coming to Australia may or may not change a career, it’s hard to say. People like Benjamin Garcia or Remy Casti who came here are sure to be the biggest French players now. Above all, for me, knowing Australian culture is a professional and human experience.

What are your ambitions for 2023? And in the long run?

My ambitions for 2023 are to make more matches in the Hostplus Cup (Queensland Cup) and try to train with Melbourne when they come to Brisbane to play a match. In the long run, climb the ladder little by little and try to reach a higher position. A big event is coming up in a few years, so I want to give everything to be there.

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