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Queen Elizabeth II smiles at Windsor in a rare public appearance

Queen Elizabeth II smiles at Windsor in a rare public appearance

This horse lover went to the Royal Windsor Show, where one of her mares stood alone.

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This is (a little) reassuring to the fans of the British crown. Queen Elizabeth II appeared with a smile on Friday, May 13, after failing to open a new parliamentary session for health reasons at a prestigious equestrian event in Windsor (United Kingdom). The 96-year-old sovereign, passionate about horses, was photographed relaxing as he arrived at the “Royal Windsor Horse Show” near Windsor Castle in West London, where he currently resides.

Wearing tinted glasses and a dark blue cardigan, she sat in the front passenger seat of the Range Rover. She was seen exchanging a few words and making fun of a small group of people from the car window that had been rolled over. Many of his horses competed, including Palmoral Lea, a 5-year-old gray mare, who was crowned champion after he won.

Following the victory of his Marine, the Queen returned to Windsor Castle, then returned to the Horse Exhibition, where she joined the Earl and Countess of Wessex. Going to her seat in the royal coffin she saw the queen using a cane.

Due to difficulties in getting around on the advice of her doctors, Elizabeth II for the third time in her seventy-year reign stopped delivering the traditional speech from the throne on Tuesday to mark the new parliamentary session. He was replaced for the first time by Crown Prince Charles, 73, who brought a new sign of change to the British monarchy as a result of his health problems.

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She last appeared in public on March 29, 2021, when she attended a service to thank her late husband, Prince Philip, who died at the age of 99.