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Queen Elizabeth II cannot attend COP26 for medical reasons

Queen Elizabeth II cannot attend COP26 for medical reasons


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Forced to rest, Queen Elizabeth II Does not participate in COP26, Opens Sunday, October 31 in Scotland. The Journalist Maëlys September provides details from live London to France (United Kingdom) 3 12/13, Wednesday 27 October.

Queen Elizabeth II will not attend COP26, which opens on Sunday, October 31 in Scotland. This decision was made on the basis of medical advice, but it is enough to cause concern throughout the UK. “It simply came to our notice then, Indicates Journalist Maëlys September, from London (United Kingdom) to France 3 12/13, Wednesday October 27. The 95-year-old king follows medical advice, which advises him to rest.

The announcement came within a week In his hospital. “Here, many thought she had recovered, The journalist adds. Yesterday, Buckingham Palace posted photos on social media of his return to business. It showed the Queen smiling and was visibly healed, but not enough to allow him to travel to Scotland. That’s one “Heartbreaking” To the Queen, because the royal family is very involved in environmental issues. “He will still record the video that will be aired during the climate conference”, Report Maëlys September.

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