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Queen Elizabeth II cancels video conferences after being diagnosed with Govt-19

Queen Elizabeth II cancels video conferences after being diagnosed with Govt-19

Both hearings, scheduled by video conference, have been postponed to a later date. On Tuesday, the 95-year-old described the signs of sovereignty as “mild” Buckingham Palace.

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No details were given about his condition. Queen Elizabeth II, afflicted with Govt-19 disease, has canceled two video conferencing hearings scheduled for Thursday, February 24, and has not made any other promises this week. “His Majesty continues to perform light duties”Buckingham Palace announced in a press release. Both hearings are scheduled for Thursday “Postponed to Date of Birth”.

The 95-year-old sovereign canceled the scheduled engagement online on Tuesday because he had given up “Always mild cold-like symptoms”, According to Buckingham Palace. Nevertheless, he held his weekly telephone audience with Prime Minister Boris Johnson the next day.

Very rare general appearances

Since she spent a night in the hospital in October, the appearance of sovereignty has become rare. But the palace recently announced the resumption of its public functions, with a ceremony held in Westminster Abbey on March 29 in memory of her husband, Prince Philip, who died last year.

Four days of festivities are planned in June to celebrate her platinum jubilee, which marks the Queen’s 70 – year reign, a historic milestone that Elizabeth II passed on February 6th. Two days later, he was in touch with his son Prince Charles, who tested positive following this meeting with the Queen.