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Quebecers will travel 1,700 kilometers on the Greenland ice sheet by Kaetski

Three ambitious adventurers are going to kite through one of the most hostile places for humans, the Greenland ice sheet, to document the consequences of the melting of this glacier.

More than 1,700 kilometers in total autonomy and propelled by the power of the natural elements for about twenty days, this is what Charles Mooney, his daughter Laura and Gregory Lipez will experience next April with the Greenland 2023 project. Village World. The organization encourages initiatives to share climate and remote areas.

Experienced travelers, environmentalists, and professional stewards Charles, Laura, and Gregory want to document the effects of climate change from the world’s two largest ice massifs and deserts. Currently, more than a trillion tons of ice are melting from the Greenland ice sheet every three years.

“The melting of the Greenland ice sheet will lead to a seven-meter rise in ocean level,” asserts Charles Mooney, President of Village Monde. Melting glaciers have a direct impact on climate, on currents and water levels […] This expedition aims to highlight the importance of glaciers in relation to climate change.”

Ultimately, the trio will produce a documentary film to be presented in schools and the general public in order to raise their awareness of this disturbing environmental phenomenon and find solutions to reduce environmental anxiety.

The pandemic precipitated the project

Showers, luxury and gastronomy will be suspended for this trip. They will wash themselves with handkerchiefs, sleep in tents and eat dried food. Everything will be transported in three sleds, with a total of 300 kg of material.

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The idea for this great adventure arose at the beginning of 2021. Laura, who works as a guide for expeditions in Antarctica, is tired of the professional slowdown caused by the pandemic. The expedition was originally a father-daughter adventure that takes place in Antarctica, Laura’s playground. However, obtaining the necessary permits for the project was more difficult.

“I found myself stuck in Quebec, without a job. We’re a little active, so we accelerated the project process. Like Antarctica, it was a little more complicated, and we thought it was easier to get to doing the project in Greenland,” says Laura.

Gregory joins the team later. It will analyze the snow samples they collect each day in order to see what level of nanoparticles are present in a sparsely populated area. The data will be used for the Takuvik Research Program at Université Laval.

The trio have been training for two years for the flight, which will be privately documented on their Facebook page.


Charles Mooney : 56 years – over 50,000 nautical miles sailed and 7 sea crossings under sail, 15 years of experience in ocean guiding and mapping

Laura Mooney : 29 years – Antarctic expedition guide for 6 years. Sailing around the world

Gregory Lepez : 52 years – Proven Snow Kiter and Passionate of over 20 years – Numerous Himalayan mountaineering and paragliding trips, including a summit at 6150m


  • Crossing between Kangerulsuaq and Kanak localities with a distance of 1,700 km and an average speed of 70 km per day.
  • Departure: April 18th – They will start with the ice ascent.
  • Optimum shipping time: 25 days (maximum 30 days)
  • Budget (including documentary production): $80,000
  • 300 kg of material for hauling
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  • 90 Freeze-Dried Meal Packets
  • Dried fruits and nuts: 15.75 kg
  • More than 600 feed boards
  • 9 kg of sausage
  • 9 kg of cheese
  • A large amount of Gatorade
  • 22.5 liters of naphtha

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