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Quebecers stayed in Punta Cana for two days

Quebecers stayed in Punta Cana for two days

Hundreds of Air Transat passengers have been stranded in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, since Thursday, complaining of being left alone.

Flight TS399 was scheduled to depart from Punta Cana on May 26 for Montreal, but was unable to take off due to a mechanical failure.

Passengers had to wait two hours before they knew the flight had finally been canceled and they would be redirected to their hotel.

We were offered a $15 voucher as an excuse to eat all day while we waited at the airport, no help, no news, no information, no contact. β€œIt was really horrible,” said Vanessa Lemieux, a passenger stuck in the Dominican Republic.

An Air Transat spokesperson confirmed to TVA Nouvelles that a new plane has been dispatched to Punta Cana and that passengers should return to Montreal on Saturday evening.

Passengers had received, according to Bernard Cote, an Air Transat spokesman, three vouchers worth $15 for supplies at the airport and that connections were to be carried every 30 minutes.

twice a week

It is the second time in a week that passengers have been stranded abroad due to the cancellation of an Air Transat flight due to mechanical problems.

On May 21, 220 passengers were stranded in Lisbon, Portugal for 24 hours due to a security issue with the plane that was carrying them.

Based on information from Samsara Rainville

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