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Quebecers celebrate the end of the curfew in an original way

Quebecers celebrate the end of the curfew in an original way

While many Quebecers have chosen to meet on newly opened terraces or simply meet in a park when the curfew ends on Friday evening, others have preferred to celebrate in an unusual way.

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Midnight ice cream at Granby

Ice cream between 5 PM and 3 AM is what many citizens have been enjoying thanks to the initiative proposed by Monsieur Grizzly.

“Since the context of the epidemic has affected the mental health of many and the curfew has had a negative effect on it, we want to collect donations for the cause,” the dairy bar said in a Facebook post.

All profits earned this evening were donated to the Fondation du Center hospitalier de Granby.

Show outing and comedy in Baldwin Park

The next generation of humorists in Quebec decided to perform their outdoor shows Friday evening by making their first free show at Baldwin Park, in the Plateau-Mont-Royal district of Montreal.

Several comedians followed each other in front of an audience sitting on blankets with a stroll nearby.

This evening was also the first in a series of shows the Picnic & Humor group will perform in several parks in the city over the coming weekends.

Quebecers celebrate the end of the curfew in an original way

Camille Douvenais-Pelletier / 24h

Fireworks at Laurier Park

Another Plateau Mont-Royal Park, another setting, while several people managed to meet in Laurier Park to watch a fireworks display to celebrate the end of the county curfew.

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