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Quebecers are as nervous at work as at home

Quebecers are as nervous at work as at home

More than a quarter of Quebecers and Canadians say they experience stress at work and outside of work, according to a recent study published Thursday.

The Mental Health Index from wellness solutions provider LifeWorks shows an even split between Canadians whose main source of stress is work and those who take on personal stress.

About 77% of respondents believe the two sources of stress are professional and personal, while 25% cited workload as the main cause of stress, according to a LIfeWorks study.

Of the consequences of stress, 31% have trouble sleeping, 28% say they are unable to relax and almost like many people experience emotional changes.

In terms of mental health, it remains unstable, while Quebec’s score has continued to decline since March, stabilizing at 65.6 points in June, above the Canadian average of 64.1 points.

In contrast, employees who received employer support during the pandemic had some of the highest mental health scores, with 51% indicating work flexibility and 41% enhancing mental health resources.

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