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Quebec, the first victim of a hurricane in 2021

Quebec, the first victim of a hurricane in 2021

Wed September 1, 2021 6:15 a.m. – September marks the beginning of intense tropical activity. Some storms were able to move north due to heavy rain and strong winds. Ida has Quebec in her sights.

Briefly :

  • September led to the sinking of hurricanes in Quebec;
  • On average, 3.4 specific storms are in the Atlantic basin;
  • One or two failed in Quebec in September.

Tropical storms in Quebec

Fortunately, Quebec is not affected by hurricanes. However, the remnants sometimes reach Peel County to be engulfed in torrential rain and strong winds. In September, it is not uncommon for post-tropical depressions to appear. While three or four specific storms formed in the Atlantic basin, one or two managed to move north to eventually cross the border.

Flood memory

Hurricane Katrina hit the southern United States hard in 2005. The storm killed more than 1,800 people and caused extensive damage in Louisiana. The Category 5 hurricane caused winds of 280 km/h in addition to torrential rain. But his race did not end in this area. The hurricane moved north and eventually reached Quebec, just two days later. Having become a post-tropical depression, Katrina flooded the county with 100 mm of rain and winds at 100 km/h.

Hurricane 1

first scenario

History may repeat itself 16 years later. When Ida hit Louisiana a few days ago, a phenomenon could affect the path the hurricane will take over the next few days. A major hurricane-turned-post-tropical storm can release large amounts of rain. In the event that a high pressure system would push the turbulence south, if it did, Quebec would likely be avoided.

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second scenario

If the composition of the atmosphere is more permeable to the northward momentum of the storm, certain areas of Quebec may receive heavy rain. Given her rather slow flight, Ida risks losing her intensity and not being able to generate strong winds. However, the islands of Gaspé and Magdalen are entitled to a hundred millimeters of rain.


two ways

When tropical storms begin in the Atlantic basin, they usually follow two paths. The first takes them to the Gulf of Mexico, and the second to the Lesser Antilles and the east coast of America. In the case of Ida and Katrina, the first scenario prevailed.

Hurricane 4

Hello Larry!

The twelfth tropical storm of the year formed in the easternmost Atlantic Ocean and was named after Larry. At the time of writing, the tropical disturbance has a speed of about 75 km/h and is about 280 km from the island of Cape Verde which is off the coast of Senegal. This disruption could become the third largest hurricane of the season.

The 2021 season tied with the 2011 record for seven named tropical disturbances in the Atlantic between August 10 and September 1. Only five other Atlantic seasons have twelve or more named disturbances as of September 1, 1995, 2005, 2011, 2012 as well as 2020.


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