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Quebec Summer Festival: Passes stolen before they are even delivered

Quebec Summer Festival: Passes stolen before they are even delivered

About a dozen customers who managed to get passes for the Quebec Summer Festival got the unpleasant surprise of receiving empty envelopes delivered by Canada Post this week.

Mass mailings of FEQ passes have begun these days and some festival-goers have noticed that their passes have been stolen before they even arrive in their mailbox.

Such is the case of Rene Hamel, a native of Deschambault, who purchased an “autograph” card for $640. This week, Canada Post delivered him a package that was supposed to contain his purchases.

It was boxed in a small plastic bag from Canada Post apologizing for the damaged packaging.

“I opened this, the box is empty,” Mr. Hamel says, adding that the tab on the box has been removed.

The box from which the tab had been removed was in the plastic bag on the left, pictured, when Mr Hamel collected his parcel which was supposed to contain his 'signature' card.

Photo courtesy of Rene Hamel

At the post office in his area, they explain to him that Canada Post is obligated to deliver the parcel, regardless of the condition in which it is found.

“The lady told me the package was already unopened when they received it,” he continues. It happened between the Canada Post sorting center and the post office.

Mr Hamel contacted the FEQ, who assured him that the stolen ticket would be canceled and that he could obtain a new one from the ticket office.

“They said there were several [dans ma situation] Mr. Hamel adds that they didn't have time to redesign them all and put them back together.

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Another case in Stoneham

The same event happened to Martin Trudel, of Stoneham, who purchased two “Signature” cards for $1,300.

“I received a notification from Canada Post asking me to pick up my package at the post office. “When I get home, I start opening it… I saw the QR code, but it was just to register our passes.”

But the passes weren't there. Its box was also wrapped in a plastic bag from Canada Post, also apologizing for the damaged packaging.

Fortunately, both men will be able to recover new passes. But they worry they will be resold and festival-goers will end up with invalid passes.

“It will be necessary [le FEQ] It starts to get digital [plus fiable]», Mr. Trudel estimates.

“The worst part of all this is the world that will be redeemed [ces passes]. “They'll be banned,” laments Mr. Hamel.

The FEQ called for a response, saying that “about ten cases of stolen passes that were not delivered were reported.” However, the shipments are far from over.

“For people who have received an incomplete or opened package, we encourage them to contact our ticket office. Passes reported stolen will be deactivated and new passes will be issued to the buyer. “This is an opportunity to stress the importance of not purchasing permits from distributors.”

For its part, Canada Post says it has not received any reports related to this situation. However, more in-depth examinations are needed.

2024 FEQ

  • 145,000 general entry permits
  • 3000 “golden” forward passes.
  • 2000 Forward Pass “Silver”.
  • 2000 “Signature” pass.
  • 350 Air Canada Park passes.
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