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Quebec Summer Festival 2023: The Cowboys Return to the Plains

Even if Carl Tremblay is still battling cancer, the Cowboys-Fringants will reconnect with the Plains of Abraham on the occasion of one of the eclectic mandates the Quebec artists’ summer festival has to offer.

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Programmer Louis Bellavance says he is sure that the singer of the popular group will be able to go on stage on July 13th.

“I was told he reacts very well [aux traitements] and that the protocol it currently follows is less invasive. He is very happy with it, as it gives him more energy and less impact on his health and ability to perform. »

Obviously, the Cowboys will not be on their first plains.

They played there regularly as part of the FEQ, especially during the first decade of the millennium.

Their last mainstage concert, on a request basis, dates back to 2017.

In order to reunite with the Plains of Abraham crowd, they will be paired with legend, Robert Charlebois.

Initially, FEQ wanted to acquire it in 2024, and it was Robert Charlebois who would inherit one of the carte blanche in Quebec (the other belonged to the Troyes conventions).

“In the end, the Cowboys came back to tell us they had big plans this year and 2024 was uncertain. We didn’t have another evening, so we called Robert’s team. We either did it together, or we dropped one of them. Everyone was thrilled,” Louis Bellavance said. .

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Several Quebec

Many other Quebecers will be able to discover the scenery of the plains, as a first part. We’ll notably see Sarah Dufour, Blue Jeans, Naya Ali and Les Shirley.

At the Parc de la Francophonie, there will be more.

Among the headliners of Phase Two we will find Cœur de pirate, Milk & Bone, Roxane Bruneau, Bobby Bazini, Souldia, Les Louanges, Québec Redneck Bluegrass Project, Patrice Michaud and Jonathan Roy.

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