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Quebec plotters | Montreal Journal

The current era with its social networks, fake news and relativism is conducive to all conspiracy theories.

The epidemic allowed those who engage in the most insane outrages under the influence of intelligent but corrupt teachers, thirsty for money and power, to reach the enviable status of social influencers, and this, in the greatness of the West.

And the wilder their words, the more followers they attract. What chronique du week-end dernier sur l’anti-Americanisme a provoqué des réactions stupéfiantes, qui justifient the crinte que l’on peut éprouver sur les conséquences de l’ignorance of the l’histoire, who se repand in all the couches of the la association.

For example, Putin’s supporters in Quebec claim that Russia’s “little tsar” is better than past and present American leaders, all so-called planetary killers. Reasonable thought is under attack in all democracies by citizens who can get away with it thanks to the charters that protect their freedom of expression.

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In other words, the conspirators and other fanatics immersed in their convictions are fueled by blatant ignorance and an irrepressible need to assert active marginalization in the face of social norms.

Respect, solidarity, and moderation are nauseating to those in need of democracy, who are drawn to authoritarian regimes where they never dared set foot.

How can anyone claim, as some of my readers have, that the Americans are responsible for the current destruction of Ukraine? Those who write that Mao’s China enabled its people to learn do not speak of the various abuses suffered by these people, who have since lived without freedom under the control of the most advanced technology in the world. A country, as we have just seen on our account, sends its police to our land.

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