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Quebec lawyers are all mad on TikTok

More and more Quebec lawyers are turning to the web to offer free advice to netizens, and they’ve been enjoying huge success.

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Lawyers are using authentic means like TikTok to inform people, like Alexandre Langlois and Sophie Mongeon.

“No one is supposed to ignore the law, but we will never learn what the law is,” says Anna Alexandre Langlois, a criminal lawyer at TVA Nouvelles, which has more than 56,000 subscribers on the platform.

“I tried my luck. I applied and quickly got 10,000 views. (…]The average Quebecer lives paycheck to paycheck, so when an injustice happens and you want advice, that’s income you don’t have. Before investing in a lawyer, there are plenty of platforms available to the citizen for free,” testifies for her part Ana Sophie Mongeon, a lawyer in social law, followed by 66,000 subscribers on TikTok.

These capsules are also a way to break the ice with potential clients.

“I think we are seeing a change and evolution in the legal profession in Quebec, a movement in which we also want to regain some public confidence,” believes Mr. Langlois.

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