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Quebec City Council: Full debate and sharp exchange

Quebec City Council: Full debate and sharp exchange

The tone rose during the televised debate of the five mayoral candidates in an exercise where Marie-José Savard stumbled upon several issues related to city management.

The debate broadcast on Radio Canada took a different format, with the moderator asking 10 questions to the candidates on topics affecting municipal management.

Ms. Savard received the lowest score, 4 out of 10, and was particularly wrong about the amount of debt, payroll and the cost of a bus ticket. Regarding that last point, I thought it’s been free since the start of the pandemic.

After the debate, his opponents did not hesitate to criticize this outcome. “Ms. Savard has nevertheless been Vice-Chairman of the Executive Committee for four years, which is surprising and disappointing. Everyone realized this evening that Ms. Savard did not know her files,” said Jean-François Josselin.

Jean-François Jocelin, Jean Rousseau, Marie-José Savard, Jackie Smith and Bruno Marchand crossed swords yesterday, and discussions were intense on the topics of public services, heritage and transport.

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Jean-François Jocelin, Jean Rousseau, Marie-José Savard, Jackie Smith and Bruno Marchand crossed swords yesterday, and discussions were intense on the topics of public services, heritage and transport.

Mr. Rousseau thinks he “lacks seriousness” and is “disturbing”.

The candidate, who presented herself from the start of the campaign as the one who perfected her files, fired at the conclusion of the discussion: “I know my city well even if I had 4 out of 10 earlier in the audition. She did not want to escape and considers it ‘not so good in the quizzes’. ‘, but she considers that this does not call into question her ability to run the city.

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“I find it hard to believe that people will stop at a short test to see if a person has the skills to be a mayor. In that case, we will stop campaigning and we will take a test.”

General Services Administration

At the beginning of the fiscal year, in connection with the question of the management of public services, the administration of Mrs. Savard was put in place immediately. She replied to her opponent Bruno Marchand, who had just denounced Labeaume’s administration of “contempt” for the staff, and replied, “I just want to ask Mr. Marchand how he was with his Centraide staff to consider the staff in Quebec to be despised. She did not specify when Mr. Marchand asked her what she wanted to indicate. mechanism.

heavy fire

Ms. Savard also came under heavy fire from other candidates, who noted that the Labeaume years, sometimes stormy with staff, damaged the troops’ motivation. Jackie Smith spoke of “bullying” and a “toxic relationship.” “The passing of the mayor is still painful,” said Jean Rousseau.

Candidates denounced candidate Savard’s heritage record. “Ms. Savard is in charge of the heritage portfolio and this is a complete lack of leadership,” said Jean Rousseau. Jean-François Josselin referred to the Auditor General’s report which pointed out management deficiencies in this area.

She defended herself by saying that resources are needed to create an inventory of heritage buildings.

“The bad news we learned this evening is that Mrs. Savard will still be dealing with the legacy. […] What a tragic story! » Happy Mr. Marchand.

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jocelyn stalker metroh

In transportation, Jean-François Jocelyn came to the conclusion that his light metro was the answer to Quebec, but was followed in the costs of his project. We are in a misinformation crisis. There are loopholes in this. “We can traverse an entire metro, light or heavy, through logic holes,” Ms Smith said.

Do you have tunnel boring machines in your yard? Mr Marchand asked sarcastically, finding it impossible for the metro to cost the same as the tram.

Speaking to the audience, Mr. Jocelyn asked, “How do you want to live the next few years of your life? In the dust, in the crowd or in the quiet while a tunnel boring machine is digging under your feet?”

What are the candidates? In the city hall he said

« You have $237.5 million for four years in surplus. It overworked the citizens and the merchants. […] The city is not there to make a profit. “

– Jean-François Gosselin to Marie-Josée Savard

« There are people who are still going through this bad period, the atmosphere of confrontation. Sad to say, Mrs. Savard, but she is still in your administration. “

– Jean Rousseau

« You want to slow development along the way and pass the bill on to renters and buyers. “

– Marie-José Savard to Bruno Marchand

« What the guys in the scene seem to be saying here is that they’re ashamed of being homeless, and that’s a failure. “

– Jackie Smith

« In 2017, Mr. Jocelyn, in the election, you were against structuring transportation projects because you said, “It’s just downtown.” Your light rail may be light and charming, but it’s still downtown. “

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– Bruno Marchand

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