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Quebec City Council: Bruno Marchand wants to give a "new impetus" to the tram line

Quebec City Council: Bruno Marchand wants to give a “new impetus” to the tram line

Bruno Marchand “strongly” believes in the tram project, but believes there is a “clear break in communication between residents and members of the municipal administration”.

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That’s what the proud and powerful leader of Quebec (QFF) said on Wednesday. The Quebec mayor candidate has made 10 “improvements” to the project that he says are “necessary” to “keep in line with the needs of citizens” and increase popular support.

According to him, “the tram project needs a new push, we must raise the level higher.”

If elected, he pledged to plant 20 trees for every tree cut down, contrary to the ratio proposed by the outgoing administration (three to one in the Rene-Levsk sector).

“Science tells us you have to go to at least 20 to get compensation equal to the loss of the tree we fell,” Machand said.

He also said he wanted to protect 60 to 70 percent of trees at risk of being cut down, roughly in line with Labeaume management’s wishes.

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Another major adjustment is to reduce the presence of wires in “popular neighbourhoods”.

Mr. Marchand was confronted by representatives of the media about the technical feasibility of this request and the exorbitant costs that would involve feeding by rails.

He explained that he wanted to include this request and others in the specifications at the stage of the call for proposals. It will be up to the coalition to come up with solutions. It is believed that there are alternatives, such as batteries that can replace the wireless parts.

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“There will be no miracle, but if we do not try it, we will never get anything. If we do not ask the unions to be creative, we will not have the solution.”

On the other hand, Mr. Marchand wishes to avoid ‘cutting the neighborhoods in two’ by the raised platform on which the tram will run by creating private spaces where the slab can be removed, this slab can be lowered, or the road is raised.”


He added that as far as the Executive Committee is concerned, he will be an elected official responsible for all the time for relations with the citizens. He stressed that citizens should be informed “at all stages” and the sites should be “expected”.

“Mrs Savard will tell us ‘We’re already doing all this, Qatar Charity is overwhelmed.’ It’s funny, no citizen knows that. We’ll tell you ‘no problem’. The people we meet, what they tell us, it’s not that everything is OK.” Alright,” the ambitious mayor slammed.

Collectively, the QFF also wants to bring back the ski lifts between upper town and lower town, which were left out to honor the $3.3 billion budget, implement social pricing for tram users, and ensure stations are integrated with other modes of transportation such as bike and car sharing.

The mayoral candidate acknowledged that some of the proposals could lead to new costs. He warned that the city could take a portion of it, but it’s not an “open pub”. “I think the government will be open to discussing with us.”

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However, he believes that by including these requests in the call for proposals stage, the current deadline can be met.

Finally, QFF is already considering the second phase of the project. In a future development, Mr. Marchand would like to be served by tram or by express bus service with three hubs, either Charlesbourg (Center Videotron), Libourneau (Galerie de la Capitale) and Jean Lesage Airport.

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