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Quebec at the UN: ‘I was scheduled to be executed the next day’

Quebec lawyer at the United Nations André Sirois narrowly escaped escape several years ago. He was in East Timor, a country occupied by Indonesia. After a referendum to expel the occupier from the territory, the worst thing happened to Sirois.

“I had a document in my hand. My name was on the list to be executed the next day.

In Richard Martineau’s microphone, over QUB Radio, he said this is a situation that illustrates well the futility of the UN. The first decision was made against Indonesia in 1976. It took 23 years for a second decision to be made. In the end, his life is threatened.

There are people trying to reform the United Nations. It never yielded any results,” Sirwa laments.

Among other things, he points to Russia’s recent appointment to the presidency of the UN Security Council. The Quebec lawyer goes further: the UN no longer has a raison d’être. Not only does he question his weight on the global political spectrum, but also his funding.

“All countries promise huge sums, but in fact, very few countries pay,” says Me Sirois.

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