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Quebec announces other measures to reduce wait times at SAAQ |  SAAQ’s challenging digital transformation

Quebec announces other measures to reduce wait times at SAAQ | SAAQ’s challenging digital transformation

The period of validity of the road vehicle relative registration is extended by 90 days, that is, until June 12, 2023, allowing truck drivers to have an additional period to renew their certificate.

Under this plan, the fees to be paid are based on the mileage traveled on the territory of participating counties or US states.

In addition, as of Tuesday, March 14, the leg On its website it will indicate average waiting times at all service points. The goal is to help customers plan their trips better.

Finally, Quebec announced on March 6 its intention to simplify the process of creating an account with the Government Authentication Service (SAG), at some service centers in leg, to facilitate access to SAAQclic. And as part of a pilot project, on Monday they revealed the service centers where these dedicated spaces will be located:

  • Langelier (Montreal)
  • Gatineau
  • Laval
  • Longwe
  • Leborgnov
  • Drummondville
  • Saguenay

Identity verification is carried out in the presence of the employee. Therefore, only two strips of identity are required, whether it is a health insurance card, driver’s license, birth certificate issued by the Registrar of Civil Status or a passport.

The aim is to have modern, efficient and forward-looking government servicesMinister Guilbault argued outside the Montreal branch of Langelier.

This particularly responds to problems encountered in accessing online services for legClick, in which you must first open an account online with the Government Authentication Service. The latter requires several steps through which you must submit your Social Security number, your health insurance card number, and your driver’s license as well as the Revenu Québec’s Revenu Québec’s assessment number notice on your most recent income tax return.

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Eric Cayer acknowledged that digital transformation has suffered from poor public communications. Admit that we did not inform the population enough, we could have done better. Today, we are in solution mode.

The Minister of Cyber ​​and Digital Security said he was open to answering these problems in the parliamentary committee if the requested summons was confirmed by the official opposition. Once again, he acquitted his administration of any responsibility in this file.

I have documents proving that in fact, as early as June, SAAQ told us everything was green, expenses were less than budgeted and that they were confident that the system would be delivered on January 3rd. »

Quote from Eric Kayer, Minister for Cyber ​​and Digital Security

The implementation of the new system last month was not smooth. Faced with the complexity of the authentication process, many people prefer to go to a counter legthus contributing to the traffic in the service centers since February 20, that is, since the launch of the new online services legclick.

These measures come in addition to those announced on March 5, two weeks after the chaos began leg.