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Quebec and France denounce "excesses linked to the culture of abolition"

Quebec and France denounce “excesses linked to the culture of abolition”

This is, in short, what the Ministers of Education of France and Quebec announced in an open letter obtained by Radio Canada entitled Freedom vs Obscurantism School.

Jean-Michel Blanquer and Jean-François Roberge denounce excess and the excesses Who is this Ideology and methods imported directly from some American universities, which are far from the values ​​of respect and tolerance that underpin our democracies.

a a movementthey say from It is a breeding ground for all the extremisms that threaten the cohesion of our societies.

The two ministers directly refer to the thousands of books that were destroyed, some of which were burned and buried, by an Ontario school board. Ceremony Flame purification It was organized in 2019.

This story, revealed by Radio Canada, roamed the world and provoked the indignation of many politicians.

Banning characters, performances and conferences, harassment on social media, censorship, subjugating science to ideology, erasing history even burning books, constitute numerous assaults on freedom of expression and civic sense, which takes us back. The darkest time in our western societies.

Quote from:Jean-Michel Blanquer and Jean Francois Roberge

Jean-Michel Blanquer and Jean-François Roberge had the opportunity to meet in October 2019, during the visit of the French Minister to Montreal.

Photo: Quebec Ministry of Education

a malicious effect

In their eyes, the to reject to be Exposure to opposing viewpoints testifies to a disturbing retreat from the democratic spirit. So there will be a file Growing concern over discussions and dialogue. a phenomenon Who is the He hits France as much as he hits Quebec, they write.

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According to Jean-Michel Blanquer and Jean-François Roberge, this is essential At any cost, fighting extremism in attitudes, as well as against the culture of intolerance and erasure, but also against pernicious effect from this culture.

Not by giving up on who we are or by ignoring where we came from, as the Memory Killers proclaim, we can celebrate progress and project ourselves into the future.

Quote from:Jean-Michel Blanquer and Jean Francois Roberge

They argue that the school should be a A primitive bulwark against ignorance and obscurantism.

a youth meeting It will be organized by Quebec and French governments for Discuss these questions alongside intellectuals.

French initiative

This desire to write an open letter, signed by the representatives of France and Quebec, comes from Paris. A spokesperson for Jean-Michel Blanquer explains that “on hearing the news of the book burning in the French media, our minister contacted his Quebec counterpart and presented him with a joint letter.”

This “obscurantism” comes to “complicate” the work of teachers, deplores Jean-François Robertage on Radio Canada. In France as in Quebec, he notes, We see that there is a certain culture of exclusion that actually prevents us from accomplishing the mission of the school. We want schools where freedom of expression is king.

Blanquer says wiki brought Trump to power

Last week, Minister Jean-Michel Blanquer sparked controversy in France, invoking the term “wake up”, which nevertheless does not appear in this open letter.

France and its youth must escape to me Wokizme, he told the newspaper The Globalism (A new window). In the United States, this ideology was able, through reaction, to bring Donald Trump to power, said the French minister, while claiming not to obsessed with.

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I am simply against the idea of ​​offering our youth a handle on social life by entering a contest of resentment.

The two presidential candidates next spring, Eric Zemmour, sometimes described as France’s Donald Trump, and Xavier Bertrand have vehemently denounced this ideology.

In Quebec, Prime Minister François Legault also used the term last month. The latter had singled out Quebec Solidere co-chairman, Gabriel Nadeau Dubois, from Awake, before giving his own definition of the word.

For François Legault, Waking up is someone who sees discrimination everywhere.

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