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Quantitative Verbosity |  Science Press Agency

Quantitative Verbosity | Science Press Agency

It’s a clear address for book Posted in January by Australian Chris Ferryfrom the University of Technology Sydney.

Western culture has a love-hate relationship with science. notes in an interview at new worldIn trying to explain the gravity that this science generates, it obscures even the eyes of physicists. “A ambivalence toward progress unless it confirms our prejudices or saves our lives.”

These junk sellers have taken up so much space, he adds, that he now only has his professional Google title — quantum physicist — to see offerings of “quantum crystals” that look promising a “new generation” of treatments.

But it may have been inevitable. Quantum physics is attractive to opportunistic entrepreneurs because it seems to point to a world of interconnectedness – thus opening the door to the imagination. It also allows you to make good movies, such as as a commania, the latest installment of the Marvel stable. But the truth is, “Quantum physics is a tool for engineers to make predictions about their experiences, really boring.” Author qualification.

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