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QS calls for the rejection of the Geolagoon project in Charlevoix

I am deeply concerned about Mr. Massicott’s position and the way he is trying to implement his project in our community without consulting.refers to the Solidarity candidate in Charlevois-Côte-de-Beaubre, Myriam Fortin.

It is time to put an end to this project, which is more of a promoter’s fantasy than a response to the real issues of our communities. »

Quote from Myriam Fortin, Quebec Solidere nominee, Charlevoix-Côte-de-Beaupré

The candidate specifically invokes housing issues in the constituency to justify her opposition to this geographic area the umbrella In Petite-Rivière-Saint-François, in Charlevoix. Louis Massicotte plans to build 300 chalets around a large lake heated by renewable energy.

Although the promoter boasts of offering a completely carbon-neutral, geothermal and solar project, the trained attorney has reservations.

Does that make it an inclusive green project? We do not know the effects on the target area in Petite-Rivière-Saint-Françoisindicates.

political manipulation

To all these criticisms of Myriam Fortin, the developer responds: The geolagoon project stems from an undeniably rigorous scientific approach and is not from imagination. It is certainly an example in terms of sustainable development and it will be a showcase of what can be done for the benefit of the energy transition.

Louis Massicott adds that Political manipulation of candidates in the upcoming elections who want to draw public attention to their little person [le] won’t slow down [son] The point of trying to be an agent of change for the good of the environment.

According to him, the Jeolagon An exceptional project for people who will take the time to learn, as it begins the process of creating a self-sufficient village using locally produced renewable energies.

Parti Québécois’ riding candidate, Lucien Rodrigue, wants the promoter to quickly reveal the details of his project.

It’s hard to decide, to be with or against. You must have proof of social acceptance. This, we do not currently havenotice.

Lewis Massicott still says a citizens’ meeting is scheduled by the end of August, but no date has been announced yet.

a Door it is necessary?

The project is far from unanimous at the political level. While the mayor of Petite-Rivière-Saint-François was in favor of the project, the mayor of Saint-Urbain, Claudette Simard, defend him.

Lucien Rodrigue also wonders why the promoter has not already submitted his project to Bureau d’audiences publiques sur l’environnement, BAPE. Construction of the first 150 chalets is scheduled to begin in the winter of 2023.

If we introduce this to Door And he declined, what would happen to the 150 units involved?PQ filter asks.

Jeolagon Meadows, Louis Massicott

Photo: Radio Canada / Alexan Drollet

The principal interested party does not believe this step is necessary.

We’ve always said that [le lagon] It will be above ground, simply identifies Louis Massicott. It is mainly subject to RBQ. It is compatible with the zoning of the place.

The tourist village project is a project that must follow municipal and environmental rules in general. »

Quote from Louis Massicott, promoter

Goals Copied

This kind of project, it’s always hard to doadmits Danielle Obese, Louis Massicotte’s business partner.

This solar specialist is the head of iLAND Solar. It was he who assessed the site’s ability to produce renewable energy. He believes that the lagoon will have to rely on geothermal and biomass as well as solar thermal and photovoltaic energy to be completely autonomous.

Using these four different technologies, according to the first calculations, we were able to produce all the energy needed for the Jeolagon.He says.

If he agrees to join Louis Massicotte, it is because he believes that leisure tourism areas like Charlevoix have everything to gain in such sustainable development projects.

It is a perfect project in terms of objectiveshe thinks.

With information from Louis-Philippe Arsenault

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