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QMJHL Finalist: “I think we’re a little bit like the Dinosaur League” – Patrick Roy

QMJHL Finalist: “I think we’re a little bit like the Dinosaur League” – Patrick Roy

If it is considered that Remparts’ have given GameTo the Mooseheads, on Saturday with a 6-3 loss, Patrick Roy also believes the QMJHL final scene would be better if teams didn’t play two games in as many days.

The Quebec coach commented after the match: “I find we’re a little bit dinosaur-like as a league. In the sense that we don’t have to play two-on-two games all the time. The show would be better if we alternated between a game day and a day off.”

“I think we can do it. Instead of playing [samedi]Roy continued, we should have played on Sunday. Especially in the final. But I decided that this was it pattern And we stay in pattern. […] We’re going to Halifax and we’ll play Tuesday and Wednesday.”

The results of the first two matches of the Gilles Corto Cup final – Remparts won the first match 5 to 1 – already testify to one-sided matches, even if Saturday’s match was contested in the first and third half.

Important moments overwhelmed them

However, the leader of the “Red Devils” did not explain the defeat of his people with these two meetings, which he played within 24 hours.

For Patrick Roy, the “defining moments” were not in favor of the Rempar family.

“In a playoff, there are always important moments,” he said. If nathan gaucher had signed up for the breakaway [en première période], it was 3 to 0. And there, bang! It’s more like 2 to 1. We also had a golden opportunity at 2 to 1 and they’re coming, bang! […] It’s 2 to 2, then 3 to 2…”

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“Honestly, we didn’t play a good game,” Roy added.

“They were better than us in the fights, we weren’t as physical, we didn’t finish our checks, we played slower in the neutral zone,” he said.