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Qantas is still dreaming of London-Australia relentlessly

The Australian health environment, especially the isolation of Melbourne, further complicates Qantas’ international plans

The project was called “Sunrise”. Developed by Australian carrier Qantas, the project will make its official launch in late 2022 or early 2023. The goal is to deliver Non-stop flights from Australia to Europe and New York.

Kovit was unfortunately in the meantime. He has changed the situation profoundly. In March 2020, Qantas officially suspended its ambitious plan.

Still, Sunrise is not dead. Qantas plans to operate non-stop flights from 6pm to 8pm, according to Alan Joyce, CEO of the Australian company. Airbus A350s – Model 1000 – will run the longest distances in the future. A final decision must be made by the end of 2021. If it turns out to be positive, Qantas will be the world’s first airline to connect London, one of Australia’s three east coast cities, seamlessly. – Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane.

Based on the positive experience of non-stop tax driven by the CEO of the company Qantas between London and Perth (Western Australia. According to Alan Joyce, it is the most profitable aircraft on the international airline’s.

The company also believes that there is one Possibilities for long-haul non-stop flights from Australia to Frankfurt, Paris, Rio de Janeiro, Chicago or Cape Town. Links that do not see daylight before 2025 are the best!

Luke Citrinot

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