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Qantas Airlines to reward vaccinated passengers

Qantas Airlines to reward vaccinated passengers

A Qantas flight – Dinendra Hariya / Shutters / Siba

Qantas The reward program will begin in July
Vaccine against Govt-19 Within the population
Australian. The airline will give away gifts and arrange raffles for those who have been vaccinated. Lucky winners can win β€œ1,000 loyalty points, deductions [ou encore] Ten Jackpots, ”quoted Alan Joyce, CEO of the company 9 News.

These extraordinary rewards will include one year of unlimited free flights for a family of four on all routes of Qantas and its subsidiary Jetstar Airways. The head of the Today show he was invited to said he would win at least one of his jackpots in every state or region of Australia. Alan Joyce felt that the example set by others was important when it came to immunization.

Resumption of international flights by the end of this year

To benefit from this program, you must have previously been vaccinated with the Govt-19 vaccine or have been vaccinated by 2021. The hotel group has partnered with Agor Qantas and stays at its companies offering a total of one million loyalty points and freebies. Chairman Airlines Other companies were encouraged to join them.

“He hopes for a ‘Team Australia’ moment that will help all companies roll the dice and reward those who receive injections. Qantas plans to re-launch international air links with government assistance by the end of this year to renew its fleet. Alan Joyce said the lines will reopen in July or August and He said he hopes to be able to mark the places involved.

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