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Q3 goal for McLaren in Australia

Q3 goal for McLaren in Australia

If there’s a lower-than-expected team this year, it’s McLaren. With a two-year upward slope to the point where it can be imagined to be at the forefront of the dawn of this new era, Woking’s system is still unresponsive and has been particularly affected in Bahrain, especially at the start of the season.

Since then, McLaren has somewhat corrected the situation with the first points of the year, thanks to 7And Location Lando Norris Confirmation in Saudi Arabia, and in Australia seems to see the Grand Prix. Coming back to his land, for the first time in orange, Daniel Ricciardo Anyway, he has to believe that his team will get a good result in Melbourne.

I always have good self-confidence, Mouse Australian. We were able to see that we were never competing in Bahrain. A week later in Saudi Arabia, we showed a high level of competitiveness. So it’s really about the characteristics of the circuits. I think this is a conspiracy (Albert Park) It is closer to Saudi Arabia than Bahrain. This will help us in relation to our condition at this time, so we should try everything. We will try to qualify in Q3. This will be the first year of our year and it will be a goal for us. ⁇

Step by step

If McLaren and especially the ranks are confident Daniel RicciardoMaybe he was thrilled to find his family, Lando Norris He is measured when talking about Australia’s goals. Britain is well aware of the delay in its position on those in the leading group.

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Just wait and seeWarns the Englishman who wanted to calm things down. I hope this is a bit more with what happened in Saudi Arabia, not in Bahrain, because the Saudi weekend was better. But we have not made any changes or improvements like what is already happening in Saudi Arabia. It’s the track difference that shows how good the car is when it is in a better performance window and how hard it is when it is not.

So I hope it will be similar to Saudi Arabia, especially in the new version of the circuit, which is a bit faster and I hope it works in our favor. But I did not expect magical things or the car suddenly waking up. So it will be a tough weekend but, of course, we hope to qualify in Q3. There was hope that the double points would end in Saudi Arabia, so we hope we can catch up this weekend. ⁇

Albert Park is approaching the Jetta track, McLaren has a good performance during the Australian Grand Prix and has reason to believe it will qualify with the first Q3 of the year!

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