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Pyrénées Gaming: Dead Island 2, Nanar presumably

Twelve years after the high-quality first episode, it is Dambuster Studios that are signing this second opus. We find the same spirit as in the original title and find ourselves immersed in a world that often reminds us of Romero’s films and in general the B-series and the Nanars. This is somewhat good news.

A world more alive than zombies

However, we leave the paradise islands (or not) from the first part to land in a very infamous Los Angeles after the invasion of hordes of zombies. After a plane crash, the character you play comes face to face with these creatures whose ferocity you know nothing about. The good news is that the character (there are six heroes to choose from) is completely immune to the living dead. A welcome help combined with powers of unknown origin that will allow him to take on these hordes.

The editorial staff advises you

The game takes place in FPS view. A perfect opportunity to enjoy the beautiful graphic effects when shooting zombies with a shotgun or machete. In general, the game looks very good and works perfectly. The battles are rhythmic and dynamic and it is a pleasure to go and stuff yourself with zombies.

The title is divided into ten semi-open areas that are diverse and diverse. Once again, business in these places has been very successful. Special mention to the sewers, a terrifying and sad passage made to perfection. The cinema pass isn’t bad either, with the detail, do you want some here, which really plunges us into the heart of the title.

The editorial staff advises you

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But the world of “Dead Island 2” is not only inhabited by the undead. There are also quite a few survivors. So we feel a little less than united among all of these strains. The dialogues and the universe contribute to that overall B-series atmosphere which makes all the salt of the game. Also note that the game is not dubbed in French. It will therefore be necessary to be content with an English version with a French translation. This is not bad news because this original version is very well made.

few lengths

With its frantic pace, Dead Island 2 unfortunately doesn’t shy away from a lot of things. In the 20 hours needed to see its end, there’s a lot that gets repetitive, without this being a real flaw as the highlights are fun.

After such a long development, one would have thought not to lay hands on this “Dead Island 2”. We could also have feared that he might have missed it, it is not the case because he achieves the goals that he sets for himself: that of entertaining the players. It’s clearly not the game of the year, but it’s just as entertaining as it is fun to play. A true comeback from beyond the grave.

“Dead Island 2”, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, €69.99.