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Putin signs the law facilitating the mobilization of Russians into the army

On Friday, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law facilitating the mobilization of Russians into the army, a text that Parliament approved within two days, according to Russian agencies.

According to the new law, the reserve can now be mobilized electronically, via the Russian public services portal, or even if the order is given to a third party.

Until then, invitations had to be delivered by hand.

President Vladimir Putin had decreed the mobilization of 300,000 reservists in September 2022, the implementation of which has often been chaotic.

If the Kremlin denies it wants to unleash a second wave, many people in Russia worry about it, as the Ukrainian military prepares to launch a major counterattack.

The police have the right to chase the defaulters, who have been given prison sentences. The tax department, universities and other public bodies will have a duty to provide the personal information of those who have been filled in.

Thus, refusal to report to the registry office will deprive Russians of the possibility of working as an entrepreneur or private employer, obtaining loans or disposing of their housing and car.

These measures also concern Russians who have fled their country and are working remotely.

The previous mobilization in September 2022 caused tens of thousands of Russians to flee abroad.

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