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Putin appoints new commander in chief of Russian forces

Putin appoints new commander in chief of Russian forces

Russian President Vladimir Putin appoints a new Russian commander to lead his armed forces after forces retreated in the face of Ukrainian steadfastness.

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Sixty-year-old Alexander Dvornikov is one of the most experienced military officers in Russia. He is the first commander-in-chief appointed by Russia since the start of the invasion of Ukraine.

“Any leader’s appointment cannot erase the simple fact that Russia is already facing a strategic failure in Ukraine,” said Jake Sullivan, the White House’s National Security Adviser.

“This commander will be just another perpetrator of crimes and atrocities against Ukrainian civilians,” the advisor added.

Dvornikov’s appointment is explained by a new strategy for Russia to control eastern and southern Ukraine.

Under the leadership of Alexander Dvornikov, the Russian armed forces became famous for the massive destruction of cities. The commander is also known to have demonstrated brutality against civilians during his previous missions.

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