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Put another CHSLD under supervision

Put another CHSLD under supervision

The CHSLD du Boisé de Sainte-Thérèse, in the Laurentians, has been placed under guardianship for the past few days due to “deviations” in the services provided to residents.

But the Department of Health and Social Services and CISSS des Laurentides are spare in comments on what is alleged to be against the venue managers.

In a press release sent to TVA Nouvelles, we talked about “gaps in the quality and safety of care and services”.

However, the nature of these shortcomings has not been determined.

“The CHSLD du Boisé de Ste-Thérèse is an environment that CISSS des Laurentides has known well and has been cooperating with for several years. However, in recent weeks, differences have been observed in the services provided to the population. Since November 2, a team of managers from CISSS des Laurentides has taken over interim management. For this CHSLD,” we can read in the press release.

According to CISSS, the process is carried out in cooperation with the operator and staff.

The beneficiaries, as well as their children, told TVA Nouvelles that they had not been aware that the foundation had been under tutelage since last week.

CISSS des Laurentides claims to have informed residents and their families of the situation

Remember that this tutelage comes a few weeks after the Floralies’ residences in LaSalle and Lachine took place.

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