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Promotion > RANDRIDE YG90A Electric Bike 1000W Motor 45km/h Max Speed ​​48V 17Ah Battery 70-90KM Max Range 27.5*2.4” CST Tires 120kg Load MicroNew 27 Speeds – Gearbest promo code, BangGood, Cdiscount promo code or AliExpress


1. 1000W high speed motor, the maximum speed can reach 45km per hour, get to places faster and in less time.
2. 48V 17Ah battery, more durable, offering 70-90km mileage under power assist mode.
3. Alloy frameAluminium (Aluminum is a chemical element with symbol Al and atomic number 13….)Light but rustless, solid and resistant.
4. Equipped with a disc brake hydraulic (The term hydraulics refers to the branch of physics that studies fluids. As such, the…) And MicroNew 27 speed, the RANDRIDE YG90A gives you speed a trip (A trip is a trip made to a far or very far point for a personal purpose…) Safe and fun.
5. 27.5 * 2.4 inch CST tires, RANDRIDE YG90A is suitable for all terrains.
6. Free gifts: riding goggles, helmet, solar tail light, riding bags, fenders, inflator, a tool (A tool is an end object that is used by a living being in order to augment…) Versatile and ready to go on the perfect trip.

RANDRIDE YG90A Electric Bike 1000W Motor 45km/h Top Speed ​​48V 17Ah Battery 70-90km Max Range 27.5*2.4'' CST Tires 120kg Loading MicroNew 27 Speeds


Type: electric bike
Model: YG90A
Customize engine (A mover (from the Latin mōtor: “one who moves”) is a device…): 350 watts
Maximum speed: 45 km / h
Maximum climb: 30 degrees
Battery: 48V 17Ah
time to Cost (The payload represents what it actually is…): 7-9 am
Maximum range: 40km in electric mode, 70 to 90km in electric assist mode
Transmission: MicroNew 27 speed (3 * 9)
Brakes: brakes tweak (The word disk is used, both in engineering and everyday life, to designate…) SHIMANO Hydraulics
Tires: CST Tire 27.5*2.4
Load: 120 kg
an offer : a screen (A monitor is a common output device for a computer. It is the screen where…) Multifunction color M6C
the weight (Weight is a gravitational force, gravitational and inertial origin, exerted by…) and size Product weight: 26 kg
Package weight: 33 kg
Package size (L x W x H): 148 x 25 x 80 cm
Package contents 1x electric bicycle
1x charger
1x User Manual
1 x Riding Goggles
1x helmet
1 x solar tail light
1 x riding bags
1x fender
1 x Inflator
1 x Multi Tool
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